The name 100A(Baek-ei) is the design philosophy we pursue in life.
‘100’ combines the meanings of 百 and 白¹ to convey the sum of these two characters as a return to zero or pure emptiness, which symbolizes the overall logic of the universe².
百, 白, and the number 100 are all pronounced 'Baek' in Korean. During the ancient days of Korea, 百 meant everything or all, representing the entirety of the universe. The character 白 originally meant 'nothingness' and the 'A' of 100A represents our attitudes and answers towards these symbols that hold various implications.
Essentially, 100A defines our perspectives, attitudes about aesthetics, and also stands as a record of communication, in consideration of the overall logic of the universe.

1) 百, means the number 100 & 白, means the color white.
2) The logic of the universe: the interpretative thoughts and ideas of all phenomena that occur in space and in human life.